Take back your life.

About Me

Andrew Butler-Pothast, LCSW

I am a licensed psychotherapist in California. I offer virtual individual therapy to adults and teens. I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area and am available to see clients who are located anywhere in California via a secure telehealth platform. Areas of focus include:

  • Trauma
  • OCD
  • Men’s mental health
  • Panic & phobias
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Everyday life stress

What to Expect

I strive to meet you where you are

Whether you’re struggling with a long-term problem or adjusting to changes in your life, you may be feeling mixed up and stuck. I am here to help you get unstuck.

I consider you as a whole person within the world in which you live and how that context affects what you do. Despite what you may be feeling, nothing is wrong with you. Something is just not working. We will work together to make sense of experiences, find what isn’t working, and move towards what matters to you with tangible change.

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